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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is from Africa, but is now grown in many countries.
If the plant is not exposed to frost, it also thrives in the temperate air regions.
Aloe Vera is an easy room plant and should be present in any kitchen.
The jelly promotes recovery and is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal.
Fractures of the leaves are highly laxative and elicit menstruation.
Also works cooling.

Use internally

Use the transparent jelly on all types of burns, insect bites, allergic rashes, eczema, skin irritations, leg ulcers, diaper rashes,
shingles, eyes around the eyes, dry scalp, deworm, foot fungus, mouth ulcers and irritations with new dentures.
Aloe veragel or its tincture can be added to ointment against joint pain.
Include candida infections, poor digestion, general weakness and anemia, swelling, stomach ulcers and gum problems.
The yellow juice acts as a laxative.
Use tea or tincture of the whole leaf for stubborn constipation, intestinal worms and liver congestion.

Use External

Bring the bitter yellow juice from the bottom of the leaves to the nails to prevent nail bites.
As a compression for painful, inflamed joints.


Aloe Vera not internal during pregnancy.
High doses of the leaf cause vomiting.

Aloe Vera Gelei was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans as excellent means of injuries, burns and inflammations on the skin.
In Islamic countries, the plant is a symbol of patience.
Aloe Vera Wood, which appears in the Bible, is derived from a completely different plant.
(Aquilaria Agallocha) This tree is grown in
India and Malaysia because of its fragrance and incineration.


In the Middle Ages, they considered protection against witchcraft and the devil.
The plant grows along paths and tramways and
adds people to their "path of life".

Stimulatory for the nervous system, menstruation generating and regulating, sweat-driving, galloping and bitter-tonic.

Use internally

In case of delayed and painful menstruation. In case of irregular menstruation with low blood loss.
In early stages of colds and fever.
In indigestion with low appetite and stomach cramps.
In nausea with severe headache.
In case of depression with liver and intestinal disorders.
Against nervousness in weak people.
Useful in arthritis and gout.
In intestinal worms.

Use External

Compressors of bijtaetazine are good at bruises and inflamed joints.


Do not use a baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do not use it for a long time without the advice of a doctor.


Ancestry is traditionally used to revive weary travelers and protect them from evil spirits and wildlife.
Roman soldiers put it in their sandals against sore feet.
was used by poor people as tobacco, individually or with other herbs and beer was spiced with it.