By Kavita Merrll and..
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Miauwmiauw cat school!


If you want to learn cat language(and those kind of things.)
this is what you should do:
read this book!

Introduction for your cat.

Mew miafw mew.Miauw mew.
Mew mew!M-I-A-U-W Miauw!
M-E-W Mew!

Chapter I
Learning cat language

Do you have a cat?
Well, if you do,
you might wonder what all those
Mews and Miauws mean.
If you do,
go on. If you want to learn cat languag
we should start with something easy
litlel sentenses!
youd like to now wat "i'm hungre"means right?

* this # means "stoping point"

All right,
now lets get going!
Miauw mew miauw miauw that's what "i'm hungry " means.
it may seam strang but, that's what it means.

chapter II
making cat toys.

Now, if you have a cat,
i'm sure it woud want to play!
So lets make toys for him/her!
But how?
Well i will tell you how!
First grab some of your mothers yarn.
Then loop it around two of your figners.
After that you
make a not out of it.
And then keep looping
around the not.
Finaly youl get a litle bal of yarn.
Now you need to test it.
You can test it by putting the ball of yarn in font
of her/him and hope she/he likes it!

Chapter III
naming your cat.

If you just got a cat
you might want to chek if she/he likes piano!

cous then you can call him/her forexample "miauwzik" or if it likes funny videos
you can call e'm "funny"