Minecraft pets

Some times you might think
"woudent it be nise to have a pet"
but read this carfully,
I`m going to tell you how.

how to make a pet
construc tun materials

  1. first find/spawn a ocelot
  2. then get in suvivel
  3. ones your in survivel you wait untill the ocelot waks toword you
  4. then you quiqly put fish on the ocelot
  5. ...and she/he is a cat!
tada you have a cat!

a minecraft cat
constructun materials
  1. first you find/spawn a horse
  2. then you feed the horse a golden apple
  3. after that you with a emty hand right click on the horse
  4. you shoud be on the horse and you wait untill you see harts
  5. then you press e and you see the inventory of the horse
  6. place a satel on the grey satel picter same with armor
  7. (if you dont do a satel the horse wont listen)

tada!!!! you have a horse!!!!

consructun material

  1. first you find/spawn a wolf
  2. then you Get in servivel
  3. after that you get your bone
  4. then you with your bone rihgt-click on the wolf
tada!!!! you have a dog!!!!
a minecraft dog
construtun matirial
  1. first you find/spawn a llama
  2. then you right-click on the llama
  3. keep clicking untill you see harts
  4. then press shift to get off
  5. after that you press e
  6. then you choos a pretty carpet
  7. and get back on the liama
  8. you press e and...
  9. a picture of the liama shows up
  10. nekst to that there is a box
  11. put the carpet in the box
tada!!! you have a pretty llama!!!
a minecraft liama