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Black tornados

Black tornados are dangerous,but can be very very helpfull.
Black tornados where discovered by a french inventor Adalicia in 162 who was
delighted to see that one of her inventions had finaly worked.
"What it is, is not importand.But what it is doing, is"she had famously told the queen.
The invetion was a Weatheravoider, that told you the weather you probbably woud like to avoid
and how to avoid it.
The machine told her that a Black tornado was going to be there in two days.
It also told her that everybody shoud go into the secret tunnels.She was able to save the town peaple including the queen.
The queen was very thankfull and gave her ₣500,- and the new car she needed!

Black tornados are created by a Commett hole when it explodes.
Black tornados are very rare indeed.
They they are often the reason of H.M.H.B.D.*


Commet holes

Commet holes make you rich!

Commet holes where dicoverd by a polish astronout,Janusz. sign up for more magical info!

*Help My House Broke Down